Clothing Authority carries wholesale backpacks from reputable brands such as Champion, Marmot, Team 365, Gemline and more! When you browse our selection of blank backpacks, you’ll be able to filter through unique specifications, including pockets, performance bags, color families, and various styles. No matter what type of backpack you’re looking for, we’re confident we have the perfect backpack for you in stock!


Whether you're carrying textbooks, work documents, or items to entertain you on a long trip, there’s no denying the versatility of a dependable backpack. Young kids use backpacks to express their style at school, fitness enthusiasts love the simplicity of lightweight drawstring backpacks, and emergency medical professionals use backpacks to ensure easy access to essential supplies.

From students and working professionals to hikers, parents, concert-goers, and beyond, backpacks are popular with all types of people. It's one of the few accessories that truly transcends age, gender, and style preferences. No matter who you are or what you do, there's a backpack out there that's a perfect match for you!

At Clothing Authority, we understand that these bags are used for a wide variety of applications and no two people are alike. To suit the diverse needs of our customers, we carry a wide selection of styles, including:


While most backpacks are one-size-fits-all, not every backpack is optimal for everyone. Browse our selection of bulk backpacks and the various needs that they can fulfill now to find something that suits your taste. Whether you are looking to customize cinch packs for your baseball team or order Gemline Wave Sling bags for your student organization, we’re sure to have the product for you!


Drawstring bags are becoming increasingly popular due to their lightweight convenience and customizable nature. While lacking the assortment of zippered pockets featured by traditional backpacks, this bag style is extremely useful nonetheless. These backpacks are a perfect place to pack gym gear, use as giveaway prizes for employees, or send off to camp with your kids. You can even stuff one in your pocket to travel with so you can pack all the extra souvenirs you find on vacation.

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As personal computers are increasingly required in schools and more employees work remote or flexible schedules, having a reliable method of transporting laptops and other delicate electronic devices is crucial. Stuffing a delicate computer or tablet into a regular backpack or letting it bounce around in a duffel bag is bound to end in disaster, especially for kids who don't always remember to be careful with their personal items.

Buying a laptop bag is an ideal way for youth and adults alike to keep computers and other electronic accessories safe. Clothing Authority is proud to offer a selection of bulk laptop bags from reputable brands known for both durability and functionality, such as Champion and BAGedge. Choose the perfect bag from an array of colors and carry your gear safely when you’re on the go!


Some schools, concert venues, and sports stadiums now require clear or mesh backpacks as part of their security measures. This ensures that people are not bringing anything dangerous onto the premises, contributing to a safer environment.

If you're considering clear backpacks for school, concerts, or other events, you're making a choice that combines practicality, security, and style. Clear backpacks are easy to care for, affordable, and simple to clean, making them a great choice for kids and adults alike.

Featuring durable construction, comfortable straps, and spacious zippered compartments, Clothing Authority's clear backpacks are a great choice for those seeking a blend of safety, organization, and fashion in one accessory. Shop our selection of bulk backpacks at wholesale prices now!


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